Personal Alarm Monitor

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Catch-1 is a warning device for personal, working in areas where
radiation hazards may be in existence. When exposed to radiation from
gamma and hard beta sources, such as X-ray units and isotope

Instant warning is given by an audible alarm and led signal its small
dimentions, 49×72, 5×16, and its extremely low weight, 55g including
battery, make the unit fit easily into pocket or on a shirt, Lab coat,
belt or lead apron. A specially designed clip system keep it firmly in
position. Powered by any commercial available 1.5V battery and this
unit has no on/off switch, it will stay “ON”until the battery is

It provides both loud bleeps and visual indication of the presence of radiation.

The Catch-1, pocket radiation monitor provides a simple and effective
way of warning operators of X-ray and isotope equipment, industrial
and medical, if excessive radiation companies, workshops and
laboratories using X-ray or Radioisotope techniques.


Features :

– Convenience : It is small size and extremely light

– Signal : It gives the audible bleep more than 80dB and a red led
signal at the same time.

– Reliance : This is the most advanced type, and the firm case is
impact resistant. The hold clip may be fastened well.

– Battery : With normal use approx 5,000/hrs time with AAA type 1.5V
(Alkali Battery)


– Radiation Detected : X-ray and Gamma, Hard Beta
– Energy Range : 30KEV to 1.25MEV
– Detector : G.M Tube
– Signal : Audible and LED / Indicator Light
– Sound Level : 75dB
– Pulse Duration : 100ms
– Pulse Frequency : 2,500~2,600Hz
– On-Off Switch : NONE / In constant stand-by operation mode
– Sensitivity : Background / 1 Bleep per 10~20min
(Typical for Cesium-137) : 1mR/h : 3Bleep/min, 10mR/h : 30
Bleep/min, 1R/h and UP : Continuous tone

– Operating Temp Range : -15 ~ 50℃
– Relative Humidity : 10 ~ 80%
– Water : Resistant
– Battery type : One AAA Type 1.5V
– Typical Battery Life : Minimum 6months with continuous background
radiation Field Easily replaced
– Size : 72.5 X 16 X 49mm
– Weight : Approx. 55g
– Case Material : ABS

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One thought on “Personal Alarm Monitor

  1. Pak Bahtiar,
    tolong kalo bisa di muat di blognya sampean alat Coating thickness Elcometer 456 second,barang kali ada yang butuh,
    kondisi masih bagus dan berfungsi dengan baik


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