Butuh Probe ?

Dear Sir/Madam,

Good morning! Very nice to get your information from Google! We are
four point probe tester manufacture inChina, Please kindly allow me
introduce our factory for you:

Suzhou Tongchuang Electronics Co., Ltd. specializes in four point
probe tester /semiconductor materials tester in the production and
research and development. It has been 40 years of history, our factory
engineers designed and developed the first generation of four-probe
test system, and now my company’s four point probe products are the
basis of the first generation to improve the product many times.

Characteristics of our products are Reliable, Repeatable, Cost
effective. (cheapper a lot than JANDEL or FOUR DISMENSIONS ) and
stable performance. And our productsmarket share over 50% inChina
local market.

Also see our four four-probe instrument characteristics are as follows:

used automatic test aircraft,The advantages of automatic test
aircraft: automatic test stand with automatic sensing devices, close
to the measured object implemented automatically slow down when, to
avoid the loss of the detected objects and wear of the probe
measurement accuracy can be improved as well.

SZT-3to determine the polarity of semiconductor materials, and
reference material for heavy with sound and light alarm.

SZT-4 digital four-probe tester, body compact, easy to operate, medium
range, very suitable material for re-refining back to sorting.

SZT-5tester silicon compound is silicon material from the two test
instruments (SZT-3 and SZT-4) combination.

Our products are widely used in semiconductor materials companies,
solar companies, colleges and universities of the Department of
physics, Department of microelectronics and Materials, and scientific
research institutes. For example:

Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Metal Research(shenyang)

WuhanUniversity of Technology




ZhejiangUniversity of Technology

Jinao Solar Panel Co.,Ltd

Download now or preview on posterous

SZT-2A.pdf (63 KB)

Download now or preview on posterous

SZT-3.pdf (129 KB)


One thought on “Butuh Probe ?

  1. Bersama ini utk keperluan supply ke PT. Migas Indo. Mhn informasi harga barang Sbb.:

    Penetrant test merk Magnaflux

    – Dye pentrant = 12. Kotak (@ 12. Caan)
    – Developer = 6 kotak (@ 12. Can)
    – Cleaner 10 = 10 kotak (@12 can)

    Demikian kami harapkan sgr dan atas sgl perhatian bpk kami aturkan terimakasih

    Hormat kami

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