17 thoughts on “o

  1. Good afternoon,
    We have found you on the internet as a source for these products. Please let us know current price and availability for the following:

    1 x GE 022-510-381 Krautkramer USM Go Package
    2 x GE MWB 45-4E Angle Probe
    2 x GE MWB 60-4E Angle Probe
    2 x GE MWB 70-4E Angle Probe
    2 x CBL-819 Coaxial Cables
    2 x CBL-821 Coaxial Cables
    1 x V1 Block
    1 x V2 Block
    1 x MB 4 S E Ultrasonic Probe
    1 x MSE B 4 E D Ultrasonic Probe

    Should you need additional information from us in order to quote these items, please let us know.


  2. woaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    internet lemotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
    nunggu 5 menit lagi iso mbukak full :(
    eh, nembak sim mbayar piro kang?
    SIM solo-ku entek
    iki arep nggolek neng mbogor

    patang ngatus ewu dab .. :(

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    wah, ono animal melu mbonceng … :(

  4. wahhh sampek gombal jaya barang???….sampean mangkat jam piro mas???sekalian mampir ngedrop anak nang mahagony park juga ya…lume gretong timbang aku mbayar angkot…hihi, tak gonceng wes sampe tujuanku..hihi

    wah .. yen isuk aku mbonceng ne simbok’ bocah … :(

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