IRHD Compact III M micro


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Bareiss Testing Devices – IRHD Compact III
Hardness tester digital, serial interface
Test Method : IRHD M (micro)
Resolution : 0.1 IRHD M
Range of application : Hoses, tubes O-rings, moulded parts, norm plates and
Minimum material thickness – IRHD M : 0,6 – 5,0 mm
Standards : DIN ISO 48, NF T 46-003, ASTM D 1415, BS 903, Part. A26

Need this product ?
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Bareiss Prüfgerätebau GmbH


One thought on “IRHD Compact III M micro

  1. K/Am Digital Gauss Meters for MPI and
    Demagnetisation Validation Incl. Tranverse Probe
    Unrivalled Accuracy Reads K/Am, Gauss and Tesla
    Digital Signal Processing, Type 5170, Complete
    with 0 gauss chamber, case, and transverse probe.
    Features :
    a. Accuracy 2%
    b. Frequency Bandwidth DC to 20khz
    c. Sampling Rate 5/sec
    d. Ranges Low 200g
    Mid 2 kG
    High 20 kG
    e. Resolution Low 0.1 G (10 micro Tesla)
    Mid 1.0 G (100 micro Tesla)
    High 10 G (1 milli Tesla)
    f. Display LCD
    g. Digits 3 x1/2
    h. Readings K/Am Tesla Gauss
    i. Probes Transverse or Longitudinal (Specify)
    j. Temperature operating 0 to 50ºC
    Storage -25 to 70ºC
    k. Power 4 AA Batteries 20hrs
    l. Size 172mm x 98mm in x 36mm
    m. Easy to read and use
    n. Ideal for MPI Technique validation and for
    confirming demagnetisation processes are
    o. Extensively used in NDT throughout Government and
    Military bodies world-wide.
    p. Full Calibration Certification supplied
    q. Meter with case 1.25 Kg
    Type 5170

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