SONATEST SITESCAN D-10 Battery Battery Charger Mains Warning Label
Manual Certificate of Conformity Guarantee Card Couplant Quick
Start Guide Carry Bag SDMS Lite SDMS USB Cable Display Window
Cover Language: GB Power Lead Software: DAC/API/AWS/Gate 2 SITESCAN D
Quality, performance and reliability repackaged For over 20 years the
Sitescan name has meant highly reliable, technician focussed flaw detectors
and the new range continues this tradition. The Sitescan delivers high
performance and advanced features, yet our engineer’s experience in user
interface design has ensured it is easy and quick to use. The acknowledged
ease of use of previous generation Sitescans has been enhanced with the
menu navigation scroll-wheel, providing easy access to functions. The menu
structure has been designed to guide the user through their task with
operation quickly becoming second nature. DAC Up to 10 points can be used
to construct a digital DAC curve, with selectable JIS/ASME and EN1714
curves. Selected DAC curve acts as a monitor gate for alarm outputs. Gate 1
can be used to measure defect height as either % DAC, DAC+dB or %Full
Screen Height. Flaw Sizing (DGS/AVG, AWS, API) Optional Optional advanced
flaw sizing techniques include DAC, AVG, API 5UE and AWS standards;
ensuring accurate and rapid sizing and reporting of indications. THE
SITESCAN D SERIESThe Sitescan D-10 has a broad band amplifier compatible
with a wide range of transducers whilst the D-20 model has several narrow
bands for improved performance. The “analogue feel” from the high quality
broadband amplifier shows all the detail required to identify defect types
such as holes or cracks, and sufficient resolution for identifying small
signals. Typical applications are weld inspection, corrosion testing,
small castings, forgings and delamination checking Lightweight Ergonomics
The Sitescan D Series represents a new generation of portable digital flaw
detectors. It’s ground breaking ergonomic design has been evolved to make
it comfortable for day-long use. Display size has not been sacrificed to
achieve compact dimensions giving the Sitescan one of the highest display
to size ratios of any field instrument. Flaw Sizing (DGS/AVG, AWS, API)
Optional Optional advanced flaw sizing techniques include DAC, AVG, API 5UE
and AWS standards; ensuring accurate and rapid sizing and reporting of
indications. DAC Up to 10 points can be used to construct a digital DAC
curve, with selectable JIS/ASME and EN1714 curves. Selected DAC curve acts
as a monitor gate for alarm outputs. Gate 1 can be used to measure defect
height as either % DAC, DAC+dB or %Full Screen Height AVG AVG/DGS software
can be configured for any transducer and gives accurate sizing of flaws
with direct readout of Equivalent Reflector Size. The visible ERS curve
can be adjusted to display the desired acceptance level and used to
trigger the alarm and measurement reading. High Visibility Display For any
flaw detector the display is a crucial element. The Sitescan has a colour
transflective TFT display as standard, providing high visibility at any
light level. The choice of colours for menus and waveform display enhance
clarity, with the LCD simulation mode giving direct sunlight readability.
The TFT does not suffer the typical black out problems or temperature
limitations of LCD giving full weather capability. The Full Screen mode
maximizes the A-scan area to improve readability further whilst testing and
its fast response and peak capture functionality ensure any indication is
clearly displayed, even if it only appears for one cycle of the PRF Robust
and Adaptable Sonatest’s reputation for robust design and proven
reliability is an important aspect of flaw detector ownership. Down time
is expensive and should be minimized to ensure maximum productivity. The
Sitescan D Series is constructed to high standards using engineered
polymers and sealed to IP67, and is designed to incorporate many features
to make site work easier. The integrated pipe stand is adjustable to give
easy positioning, whilst the standard camera mount fixing on the back opens
up a wide variety of useful accessories such as magnetic hooks, tripod
mounts and body harnesses. The Sitescan D series can be easily attached to
pipe work, metal plates or hung from the nearest fixing, giving the user
both hands free for scanning. SDMS Lite (Data Management Software) This
Windows based data management tool interfaces the Sitescan D-series to a
PC. The Lite version comes as standard, with the capability to capture
the displayed A-scan and transfer it Microsoft Word. This is useful for
producing application notes or reporting indications. The optional full
version uploads and downloads panel settings and A-scans, which can also be
transferred into Microsoft Word for customised reporting. Thickness
readings can be transferred into Excel for more advanced analysis such as
charts for B & C-scans. Advanced Thickness Logging Thickness measurement is
a major application of the Sitescan D series and good data logging tools
are essential to productivity. As standard, Sitescan has the capability to
store readings in a 2 or 3 dimensional grid format, or download test
sequence files from asset management software. In addition to the basic
thickness reading, the user can store the A-Scan and user defined notes, or
with the B-Scan option, a full B-Scan image. Reviewing readings is easy
using the scroll wheel and the USB connection enables fast transfer of
data. B-Scan The optional B-scan display function shows the cross section
of the material based on its wall thickness. The B-scan has selected update
rates from 3 to 10 times per second, and can be stored with the thickness
readings and transferred to the PC via SDMS. Navigation The Sitescan D
series uses an innovative rotary control for fast, single handed menu
selection and setting changes. The keypad uses new technology to increase
resistance to water and improve tactile feel, along with mechanical
switches for enhanced lifetime. Simply slide your thumb or finger around
the unique scroll-wheel to quickly access menu items, or change
parameters. The scroll wheel offers the advantages of a rotary knob, but
has no moving parts to become damaged, or blocked by couplants. Direct
Access Keys From Sonatest’s experience of flaw detector design we know
users want direct access to the essential parameters of gate adjustment and
gain control. These are positioned close to the scroll wheel, so it is
easy to switch between gain, gates and the menu with one hand. There are
also direct keys for freezing the scan and switching to full screen mode.
User Buttons The Sitescan D series has unique User Keys that can be
assigned directly to menu items or actions. The system works in the same
way as the preset radio buttons in your car. Highlight the menu item you
want and hold the User button for a few seconds, to assign the key. Using
the four keys operators can define their own direct access functions based
on the application. The keys can also be assigned actions, such as one
press storing of A-scans and auto 80% adjustment of echoes. Active Peak The
Active Peak function shows the echo dynamic envelope along with the live
A-Scan. This is particularly useful for defect classification in
applications such as weld inspections. The peak signal can also be “held”
as a reference to show the natural reflectors of a part, helping to
distinguish defect indications Customisable Menu The user can configure the
menu to only show those functions required, this enables the Sitescan to
adapt to the application and level of user. For example, when thickness
checking the DAC and AVG functions can be disabled. SITESCAN D SERIES
Specifications D-10 and D-20 Test Range 5mm (0.2in) up to 5,000 mm (200
in.) in steel. Variable in sequence 10mm or 1mm. Velocity 1000 – 9999
m/s. Probe Zero 0 to 999.999 µs. Delay 0-5,000m at steel velocity in
0.05 steps (0-200 in 0.002 in. steps) Gain 0 to 110dB in 0.5, 1, 2, 6,
10, 14 and 20dB steps. Test Modes Pulse echo and transmit/receive.
Gate Start & Width adjustable over full range. Amplitude 0-100%, 0.5%
steps visual and audible alarms. Positive triggering. Measurement Modes
Depth Depth and amplitude of first signal in gate. Echo-Echo
Echo-to-Echo distance measurement. (single gate) Trig Trigonometric
display of beam path, depth and surface distance Calculation of skip
depth and curved surface compensation, X- offset for transducer.
T-Min Holds minimum thickness in depth mode. Pulser Voltage Spike – 200
Volt peak amplitude, rise/fall time width. P.R.F Selectable 35 to 500 Hz, in 5Hz steps. Display Colour
Transflective TFT: Display area 111.4 x 83.5 mm (4.39 x 3.29 in). A-Scan
Area 315 x 200 pixels max sunlight viewable. Screen Update Rate 50 or
60Hz. Rectification Full wave, positive, negative, RF. Frequency Bands
Broadband 1.0 – 15MHz – 3dB. Vertical Linearity Vertical = 1% Full Screen
Height (FSH). Amplifier Linearity ± 0.1dB. Horizontal Linearity 0.33%
Full Screen Width (FSW). Reject 50%. (LED warning light when selected).
Units Metric (mm) or inch (in). A-Scan Memory 5,000 waveforms. Panel
Memory 100 stores for calibration settings. Thickness Logging Storage for
100,000 thickness readings configured either by Block/Location/Number mode
or alphanumeric pre-programmable worksheets. Readings can be exported to
MS Excel using optional SDMS software. Thickness Logging with A-Scan
5,000 A-Scans and Thickness readings. Auto-Cal Automatic calibration with
two echoes. Display Freeze Holds current waveform on screen. Active Peak
Memory For echo-dynamic pattern capture. Online Help Instant Operator
guidance on functions accessed from direct keys. Language Support Six
user selectable languages from: English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch,
Italian, Russian, Polish, Czech, Chinese. USB For connection to PC &
printer. Video Composite video (PAL & NTSC) Transducer Sockets BNC or
LEMO1 (factory option) Battery Lithium Ion 14.4V. Minimum 9.5 hours
use, typically 12 hours, maximum 18 hrs indication of battery charge.
Recharge time 3 hours. Battery can be charged separately. Charger
100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz.Environmental Meets IP67 Temperature Operating -10o
C to 55o C (14o F – 131o F). Size H172mm x W238mm x D70mm (6.77in x
9.37in x 2.75in). Weight 1.7kg (2.4lbs) with battery. Warranty 1 year.
Calibration Standard EN12668. Sitescan D-20 Additional Specification
(Sitescan D-20 only) Frequency Bands 1 MHz, 2.25 MHz, 5 MHz. Wide (1-20
MHz). Square Wave Pulser Optimised for each band (spike on wide). TCG
Time Corrected Gain 40dB dynamic range, 30dB per microsecond, up to 10
points for curve definition. Sitescan D-10 & D-20 Options (Available in all
variants) DAC Option Up to 10 points may be entered and used to digitally
draw a DAC curve; reference -2, -6, -10, -12,-14 dB curves can be
selected for JIS, ASME and EN 1714 codes. DAC plus AVG/DGS Automatic
Defect Sizing using probe data. DAC plus AWS & API AWS Automatic Defect
Sizing in accordance with AWS D1.1 Structural Welding. API Automatic
Defect sizing in accordance with API 5UE. DAC plus DGS, AWS & API
(functionaltiy as above) GATE 2 Optional second gate allows Gate-to-Gate
measurement mode.B-Scan Displays profile of thickness. Selectable rates
of 3, 5, 10 updates per second. Standard D-Series Kit Sitescan D10 or D20.
Battery, Charger, Mains Cable. User Guide. Carry Bag. SDMS Lite & USB
cable. Display Window Cover. Couplant. Application Packs All kits include
the Site Pack option, transducers, cables and test blocks. D-10 Weld Test
Kit-EU D-10 Weld Test Kit -US D-10 Weld Test Kit-Universal D-20 Weld Test
Kit-EU D-20 Weld Test Kit-US D-20 Weld Test Kit-Universal D-10 Thickness
Testing Kit – EU D-10 Thickness Testing Kit – US Site Pack Rugged Shipping
Case Hanging Brackets and Hooks Accessories Support Stands Pack Body
Harness SITESCAN D Series Accessories Site Pack Rugged Shipping Case.
Airplane carry on size: 488 mm x 386 mm x 229 mm. 19.2 in x
15.2 in x 9.0 in. Centre of gravity bracket (magnetic hook supplied).
Webbing bracket. Magnetic bracket. Webbing / two Karabiners strap hook.
Support Stands Pack An articulated arm and fitting with 3 bases: Vacuum
Magnetic Clamp Body Harness This unique body harness gives the end user
the opportunity to work hands-free with the Sitescan D series units. The
patented harness design has been developed considering both function and
good carrying ergonomics and is very lightweight. The wide shoulder plate,
with body centred positioning, will make the carrying of the Sitescan D
unit a joy for the user. The harness itself is very stable but can be
supplemented with a waist strap if the work task involves a lot of movement
and is easy to take off and store. This body harness is ideal for extended
periods of use and the front plate is adjustable to fit all back lengths.
The mount
plate can be locked in place with a ball and socket joint to present the
instrument in an ideal position for use, whilst distributing the load
across the body, avoiding fatigue and strain to wrists and arms


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