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Canin+ Corrosion Analysing Instrument with Rod Electrode
Canin+ Corrosion Analysing Instrument with Rod and Wheel Electrodes
Canin+ Corrosion Analysing Instrument with Wenner Probe
Canin+ Corrosion Analysing Instrument with Rod and Wheel Electrode and Wenner Probe
Canin+ 4 Wheel Electrode system *
Copper sulphate, 250g
Citric acid, 250g
Cable coil, 1=25m (82 It), with clamp
Carrying case Canin+
Carrying case Canin+ 4-Wheel system
Cable clip for telescopic extension
Indicating device Canin+
Protection sleeve for indicating device
Carrying strap adjustable, with padding
Transfer cable 1.5m (9/9 pins)
USB 232 serial converter
Canin ProVista PC Software on memory stick
Canin+ Rod Electrode copper I copper sulphate
Telescopic ext. for Rod Electrode, with 3 m cable
Telescopic extension for Rod Electrode
Electrode cable 1 lead, L-1.5 m
Electrode cable 1-lead, L-3 m
Foam rubber plug for Rod Electrode Canin+
Protective hood to Rod Electrode Canin+
Canin* 1-Wheel Electrode
Measuring wheel
Telescopic part to extension rod
Electrode cable 1-wheel system
Electrode cable 4-wheel system
Felt hoop for Wheel Electrode
Path measurement incl. cable
Polyamid sealing plug
Nozzle 1mm
Nozzle 2mm
Nozzle 3mm
O·Rinq 120x5mm
Fixing collar d=8mm
Setscrew M4x5
Tool kit for Canin+ wheel
DYNA Z 6 Basic Unit
DYNA Z 16 Basic Unit
DYNA Z 6 E Basic Unit
DYNA Z 6 E Basic Unit
Z6/16 (M8) Test discs Ø 50 mm (set of 10)
EDm Motor Drive
Type N Basic Unit
Type NR Basic Unit
Type L Basic Unit
Type LR Basic Unit
Type LB Basic Unit
Testing anvil EURO for types: N, NR, ND, L, LR, LD.
Registration paper for types: NR and LR (Pack of 5 rolls)
Test Hammer ND Basic Unit
Test Hammer LD Basic Unit
Rebar Locator PROFOMETER 5+  Model S Basic Unit
Rebar Locator PROFOMETER 5+ Model SCANLOG Basic Unit
Extension rod for universal probe and ScanCar extendable to 1.5m length
Test block
Marker for universal probe, incl. 3 spare refills
Probe carriage ScanCar with path measuring device and path measuring device cable 1,55 m.
Universal probe
Protective Sleeve
Protective film for universal probe
Upgrading from model S to model SCANLOG
Probe cable 1.5 m
Probe cable 3.0 m
Path measuring device cable 1.55 m
Path measuring device cable 3.0 m
Transfer cable 9/9-poles, 1.5 m
Profoscope+ unit
Self-adhesive protection cover (set of 3 units)
Canvas bag
Carrying strap
Calibration test block
USB cable TypeA-miniB
Memory Card microSD, 2GB
CD incl. ProfoLink
Pundit Lab
Pundit Lab without tranducers
Pundit Lab+
Pundit Lab+ without tranducers
Tranducer 24 kHz
Tranducer 54 kHz, Black
Tranducer 150 kHz, black
Tranducer 250 kHz, black
Tranducer 500 kHz, black
Two exponential transducer 54 kHz, black and calibration rod
2 Shear wave tranducers
Ultrasonic couplant, 250 mL bottle
Calibration rod 25 µs for Pundit
Calibration rod 100 µs for Pundit
Exponential transducer 45 kHz
Amplifier for long cables
Cable with BNC·plug,
Cable with BNC-plug,
Cable with BNC-plug,
Cable with BNC·plug
SilverSchmidt STN unit consisting of:
SilverSchmidt STL unit consisting of:
SilverSchmidt PCN unit consisting of:
SilverSchmidt PCL unit consisting of:
SilverSchmidt ST Type N (instrument only)
SilverSchmidt ST Type L (Instrument only)
SilverSchmidt PC Type N (Instrument only)
SilverSchmidt PC Type L (Instrument only)
Testing anvil SilverSchmidt
SilverSchmidt adapter for testing anvil Euro
Low range anvil
Mushroom plunger ST/PC
Plunger ST/PC complete with plunger spring
Cover for USB port
Carrying bag
USB cable 1.8m long
USB charger, global
Carrying strap (loop)
Grinding stone
Paper Schmidt Paper Roll Hardness Tester
Parotester 2 – Roll Hardness Tester, unit U
Parotester impact device U
Parotester impact device P
Impact body U
Impact body P/PG
Impact body type D, special R 25 mm
Impact body G-2PGS
Parotester basic impact device U
Parotester basic impact device P,
Parotester basic impact device PG,
Test block for Parotester
Parolink3 software with Cable
Link cable 1.5 m, 9/9-pin for Equotip 1 and Parotester
Carry case for Parotester 2 units
External bar code reader for Parotester 2
Resipod, 50 mm probe spacing
Resipod, 38mm Probe Spacing
Set of replacement foam contact pads (set of 20 pieces)
Resipod Test strip
USB charger
USB-cable 1.8 m
Resipod extension cable set
Resipod inner contact cap
Resipod outer contact cap
Resipod contact complete
Resipod contact spring
Resipod USB cover
Resipod 50mm replacement (without contacts)
Resipod 38mm replacement (without contacts)
Resipod 50mm housing
Resipod 38mm Housing
Resipod cover plate complete
Resipod Glass complete
Resipod Push button
Resipod contact casing
Resipod PCB 50mm complete
Resipod PCB 38mm complete
Resipod LCD-display incl. contact strip
Resipod Mounting frame for LCD display
Resipod Battery with fixing tape
Torrent Permeability Tester complete without vacuum pump
Carrying strap adjustable, with padding
Vacuum pump, 220 V / 50 Hz
Protection sleeve for indicating device
Transfer cable 1.5 m (9/9-poles)
USB 232 serial converter
Hygropin Moisture Meter
Set of Measuring Sleeves 20pcs
Set of Measuring Sleeves 100pcs
Hygropin Add-on for Wet Concrete 10pcs
In-situ Probe for Hygropin
Ambient Probe for Hygropin
Humidity Standard 75% RH
Set Calibration lotion 10% rF (5St.)
Set Calibration lotion 35% rF (5St.)
Set Calibration lotion 80% rF (5St.)

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