kerjo ndik jakardah,
muleh sore sak sudurunge srengenge angslep kie rasane war biya saaak . . . :) – at Villa Mutiara Serpong

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  1. we need

    Wire rope tester with the following spec
    Specification for Wire Rope Tester
    1.Digital wire rope tester with
    simultaneously dual function: loss of
    metallic cross sectional area (LMA) and
    local faults (LF) for detected wire
    metal loss and wire or strand broken.
    2.The wire rope tester output shall be
    traced back to the inspected wire rope
    i.e.: the location of defect can be
    trace back at rope length.
    3.Easy to calibrate with simple wire
    rope standard or auto calibration when
    equipment switch on.
    4.Equipment shall be supplied with
    magnetic head/ wire rope reader with can
    inspect wire rope with the following
    range :
    – 1st Range = 6 – 24 mm wire rope
    – 2nd Range = 20 – 40 mm wire rope
    – 3rd Range = 40 – 60 mm wire rope
    5.Separate probe/head for wire rope
    inspection with data storage (logger).
    Data storage (logger) shall be
    compatible with the above range of
    magnetic head/ wire rope reader for wire
    rope inspection.

    6.Can be operated with wire rope speed 1
    m/s and wire rope speed doesn’t affect
    inspection result/reading.
    7.The magnetic head/s wire rope reader
    shall be easy to install and reinstall,
    handle and fix on the wire rope,
    accurate distance assembly and
    water/dust proof.
    8.The magnetic head/wire rope reader can
    be operated at temperature range -10 0C
    to 50 0C.
    9.Data logger/storage shall be handy and
    lightweight and able to operate at -10
    0C to 50.
    10.Data logger/storage memory can
    storage inspection up to 32,000 m length
    tested wire rope data with minimum 8
    hours working with out battery charge.
    11.Data logger shall be explosion proof,
    as well as dust and water proof. Data
    logger connection using USB interface.
    12.The equipment shall be completed with
    software for data processing with thefollowing requirement:
    -Can perform data downloading form data
    -Can be looking though with LMA and LF
    -Can perform detailed analysis of the
    rope chart
    -The data can be compare to other file
    -Setting up and viewing the rejection

    Adding comment on rope chart
    -Printing chart, create test result
    report and the data can be exported to
    MS excel and MS word
    12.If applicable, the equipment shall be
    completed with:
    – Battery for equipment.
    – Carrying case for equipment storage
    and handling
    – Manual book, related software for data
    processing and analysis, and cable
    connection for data transfer from
    magnetic head/ wire rope reader to data
    logger and data storage (logger) reading
    to PC.
    – Calibration certificate from
    – Minimum one year warranty and warranty
    letter shall be submitted also.
    – Equipment origin certificate from
    – Training for equipment use from
    experienced personnel (5 years) in
    Bontang – Kaltim for two days.
    Reference Brand: Intros, TCK Wire Rope
    Tester, MD Wire Rope Tester

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